AVANÇO_RESET Corpo Dinâmico_Corpo Flutuante

AVANÇO_RESET Corpo Dinâmico_Corpo Flutuante

AVANÇO_RESET | Corpo Dinâmico_Corpo Flutuante | segundas e quartas (excepto feriados) | 19h – 21h

Com Peter Michael Dietz

Corpo Dinâmico
This class is to understand the principle ideas of how we articulate and recycle our energy and streng-th. We will work a structure of clear and complex ideas, which have been involved for centuries, with a pep up of our time. There will several directions and connections to various áreas far from dance tecnics, but without any doubt usefull for who wants to explore their bodylanguage and wants to risks the alteration envolved, and rejuice their dance… To dance is for everbody, the grama and phycics involved created conflicts….without conflicts nothing is done….. Perfect, solide and forward action to gain a extra dimension in our daily fight of boredom or simply, because we have too….
Corpo Flutuante
Flying away towards other kingdoms of wisdom, carried by the notion of being securely protected by the guardian of trust…. Do we trust this incredible creativity of letting go and alterate the obvious….
No promise it will work, but going deep into the essencial potencial of our lust to go far with our body and mind in games, tricks and dance…… So much that a marathon is nothing compained….There
will be space for breathing, a promise….
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Valor: 1 X semana: 35€/mês

2X semana: 50€/Mês
Avulsa: 12€
Valor: 50